Do you treat children?

Dental health is critical for kids of all shapes and sizes. Paying close attention to your child’s dental health ensures they have healthy, strong teeth as they age. Ignoring your child’s dental health, however, can lead to a long list of dental issues throughout your child’s life. However, many children are afraid to go to the dentist. We want to end this apprehension and fear and we want all of our patients to feel comfortable about coming to see us. Dr. Davis puts kids at ease with his funny jokes, while he and the entire staff provide gentle and pain-free care.  When our younger patients enjoy coming into our office, we are able to establish a relationship that will last well into adulthood. 

Early dental examinations allow us to learn about our young patients' dental conformation so we can follow the growth and maturation of their teeth and gums. This familiarity allows us to anticipate issues before they become problems and monitor their growth and development. We love to watch our littlest patients grow and we are always honored to be included in their lives.

Schedule an appointment for your child today. Let us work together to create the positive relationship we should all have with the dentist.

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