Why do I have to have dental x-rays taken?

X-rays tell us about what is happening in the places we can’t see. They help us see inside, behind, and between your teeth and are instrumental in helping to keep your teeth healthy. X-rays allow Dr. Davis to look past the tissue of your mouth, such as your gums, and into the deeper areas of your teeth and jaw bone. This allows us to look for signs of oral health issues that may be invisible with a visual examination alone. 

At Cleburne Dental Care, we use digital x-rays to minimize exposure to radiation and to allow us to see images immediately on the computer screen. We love to share these images with our patients in real-time to help them understand what is happening inside their mouths. Digital x-ray images are a great way for us to share information and teach our patients about the health of their teeth and gums.

If you are having any kind of dental procedure like a root canal, dental implant, or even a filling, in some cases, additional diagnostic x-rays may be required to image the tooth and the surrounding areas, and plan your treatment accordingly.  We are happy to talk to you about how digital x-rays complement your overall dental and oral health.

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